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3 Easy Tips to Promote Weight Loss

#1. Consume at minimum 1 gram of protein for every kg of body weight. Even better, try to get 1gram for every 1 pound of body weight. Protein will help you feel full (known as satiety) and curb carb cravings that may jeopardize your healthy eating intentions. Protein also supports muscles which are important in you overall metabolism

#2. Consume 1 ounce of water for every 1 pound of body weight. Dehydration causes lethargy and confusion, but also can lead to unhealthy snacking in between meals

#3. Resistance training for at least 30 minutes 3-4x a week - you’ve seen my crossfit videos, but you don’t have to do crossfit to get a good pump session! You can do weights at home, a local gym, or with a trainer! Building muscle helps your metabolism– long after you’ve set your dumb-bell down when youre done iwth your workout, your muscles will continue to burn calories all day long – when youre in the car on your way to work, while you are sitting ib the office, even at night while you sleep!

Incorporate these simple lifestyle changes into your life and you can make some serious progress with your weight loss goals!

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