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Why is Direct Primary Care the Better Alternative?

Eliminating the insurance middle-man from the patient-doctor relationship empowers physicians to spend more time with you.

Imagine a doctor-patient relationship where you can can be seen on the same day. Where visits can take as long as necessary to address your health concerns. Picture a plan of care that is tailored to YOU, the patient, and all of the unique characteristics you possess.

The current fee for service primary care model is flawed and designed to fail. Instead of quality care, physicians are pressured to see more patients in a sub-optimal time frame by insurance companies. Doctors are slaves to a system in which patients are not prioritized. Many patients have to wait weeks to see their physician for an urgent issue. And when they finally do get in, the visits are hurried and not all of your issues are addressed.

What direct primary care doctors are pioneering is literally throwing the insurance company out of the exam room. Instead of paying co-pays and having surprise bills for procedures, you pay a monthly subscription fee.

You can see your doctor when you need to. You can have as much time as you need to. You can text your doctor if you have a question. And you can see your doctor as often as you like. With no hidden fees, and complete transparency.

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